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A Welcome from Larry Darter

Hello and welcome. I’m Larry Darter, a crime fiction writer and this is my official blog. I also have a website which you may visit by clicking this link or by typing into your web browser.

You may be wondering why I have both a blog and a website. Good question. Actually there are a couple of reasons. I’ll begin with a confession. I am not by any stretch of the imagination a web page designer. While I did manage to create a website that actually works, I wasn’t able to include a blog on the website as I had originally intended. Since I wanted to have a blog I was forced to create this one. I am learning more all the time about web page design and management. So who knows? Perhaps one day I will learn how to incorporate a blog as a page on my official website and this one will become unnecessary. But in the mean time I have somewhere to post my thoughts.

Another reason I have both a website and a blog is that I intend for each to serve a different purpose. My website is my official presence as an author on the web. It serves primarily as a repository of all things related to my writing. There you can find information about my books, book excerpts, and information such as newsworthy items and scheduled events related to my books. By visiting my website you can also subscribe to my monthly newsletter which I hope you will do. While the website will be primarily static and won’t change much from month to month, my blog will have regular infusions of new information since I plan to publish new posts here regularly.

While my website, as websites often are, is somewhat formal I want my blog to be completely informal. I want this space to be a cozy place where we can connect and hopefully become friends. While I may choose to write about my books here from time to time, that will not be the focus. Instead if you are interested, this blog will be the place where you can learn more about me as a person rather than as an author. For example you may learn here about my friends and family, You may have the opportunity to read about things like my other interests aside from writing and my vacations. I plan to write here about what I’m reading and perhaps you will discover here books by other authors that you might enjoy reading.

Just like on my website, I have provided a “Contact” page here that you can access from the site menu. You can contact me through this blog just as easily as you can by visiting my website. Whether you have a question that you can’t find the answer to here or on my website site or would just like to comment on my writing, I’d love to hear from you. You may also have your say by leaving your thoughts in the comment section at the end of any post here. You will also be able to read the comments of others and my responses where applicable. I encourage you to comment on my posts because I hope to connect with those who spend time reading the things I write. By commenting you will transform the posts into a dialogue and in my opinion a dialogue is always better than a monologue. I hope you’ll enjoy this blog! Thanks for visiting and thanks for reading..