About Larry

Image of authorLarry Darter was born in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Like many writers, he learned to love books as a child and spent an inordinate amount of his youth with his nose in books. He has happy memories of reading spell-binding tales beneath the covers of his bed by flashlight while his parents believed he was sleeping. It was a great childhood.

After high school and a four-year stint in the U.S. Navy, for college he headed to the University of Central Oklahoma where he received an undergraduate degree in accounting.

Following three years with the U.S. Department of Justice, Larry was appointed a police officer in the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma metropolitan area. Seven years later Darter moved to the Dallas, Texas area where he continued his law enforcement career until he retired in 2010. As a police officer he held assignments as a patrol officer, crime scene technician first responder, field training officer, police training instructor, and patrol division acting supervisor.

In 2011, Larry realized a life-long dream when he wrote and published his first book, a Western fiction novel, The Highbenders. He has also written and published a successful non-fiction book.

After a four-year break, Darter has returned to writing. He is currently working on a crime fiction novel, leveraging his law enforcement background to write a novel in a genre he has had a long-standing personal interest in. The novel, set in Los Angeles, is the first in a series and introduces the character Malone, a tough and street-wise private investigator.


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